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The Full Story

About us

We are Raf and Cindy Vangenechten-Verstraeten.

For many years we have been collecting all kinds of materials relating to World War 2, our great interest and passion for collecting has led to a fine collection of mainly allied items including some very rare pieces, but also a fine collection of objects and garments from the concentration camps, a part of the war that certainly should not be forgotten. In 2006 we bought our first vehicle, this collection has also expanded with several beautiful and even rare pieces.

Anno 201O we have therefore decided to permanently exhibit this collection and we have set up our museum. Nevertheless, we continue to actively search for rare gems and the special stories behind them. Because nothing is more fun and fascinating to keep history alive.


Due to our busy schedule we do not have fixed opening hours.

If you are interested to hear all our stories you can contact us and make an appointment .

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