Last weekend we had a very nice surprise,the son of S/Sgt Braun was in Belgium and wanted to know  more about the crash of a Liberator that crashed inRamsel. Planehunters recovery team  investigated this crash some years ago. Thanks to researcher P. Celis we found a lot of information .They also did some detecting on the crash site. 
We drove to the memorial plaque on the church in Ramsel and to the crash site. It was all very emotional to stand on the spot were his fathers plane crashed.
We had a very nice walk around in the Allied Forces museum and we had a nice surprise to take back home to the USA. We donated a lot of parts to the Braun family . He told me that they would make something special to honour there dad from these parts.
B-24 "THIS IS IT" serial 42-50364 from the 466th BG hit by flak over the target Magdeburg,killing S/Sgt Morrow and wounding S/Sgt Mc Elfrish and S/Sgt Braun


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